Welcome to Hyderabad Branch of SIRC of ICAI
CA. Pankaj Kumar Trivedi

CA. Pankaj Kumar Trivedi

Chairman Hyderabad ICAI

+91-9246509697 hyderabad@icai.org

Dear Professional Colleagues and Students,

Firstly, I convey my sincere gratitude to the Members of the Management Committee of Hyderabad Branch, SIRC Members and Central Council Member, CA. Dayaniwas Sharma ji, for elevating me to the post of Chairman of Hyderabad Branch. I am fully aware of the responsibilities and intend to do all that I can, in effectively discharging the same. We have had many illustrious personalities who have helmed this post in the past, who will be a source of inspiration for me.

As the unanimous elections for all the posts for 2020-21 have indicated, I have the good fortune of having a team that is united, dedicated, selfless and committed to our shared vision of touching the life of aspiring students and successful members, whether in practice or in service, whether working or retired, whether budding or established, positively and in any small which way we can. I seek your continued support, timely feedback and constructive criticism. I credit CA. Bhanu Narayan Rao for creating an excellent environment of team work and I shall strive to keep up the team spirit and momentum in the days to come.

My congratulations to CA. Machar Rao Meenavalli for getting elected as the Vice-Chairman, CA. Deepak Ladda as Secretary and CA. A. Chinna Sitarami Reddy as the Treasurer of Hyderabad Branch.  I also congratulate CA. MS Rajambal on taking over as Chairperson of SICASA and CA. Satish Kumar Mylavarapu as Co- Chairman, SICASA.


I am happy to share with you that, within a fortnight of the new Committee taking over; we have enhanced the facilities at P. Brahmayya Hall so as to improve the delivery quality of various programmes being held, including the installation of a new sound system. Another notable change in the premises of the Institute is the renovation of the Cellar, which was being used as storage, and converting the same into an exclusive Study Circle area, thereby increasing the effective use of Branch premises. I am sure that, with the active support of staff and our Committee members, the other renovation works at the branch will be completed by 31st March 2020.


CPE Programmes:

Post the completion of renovation work at P. Brahmayya Hall, we started CPE meetings from 27th February 2020. I am very happy to share that every CPE programmes conducted by Branch had a minimum attendance of 80 members and for the Programme on 4th March on Benami Transaction Act by CA. Aswani Taneja, we had presence of more than 200 members.

 What is pleasing to note is that many senior members are attending the evening programmes and are a shining example to all young members that learning is a continuous process that needs to be imbibed into each one of us.

 Prerana, the annual seminar conducted to celebrate International Womens day saw good response and icing on the cake was address by Smt. P Madhavi Devi, Judiciary Member of ITAT Hyderabad. I congratulate CA. Rajambal and her team for success of the Conference.

 Based on feedback of members and after internal deliberations, Bank Audit seminars were planned  to be conducted over a series of meetings, instead of one or two, day-long seminars, with a view to achieve greater absorption of the delivery. We also planned to have a couple of day long programmes to suit the convenience of esteemed members. The evening programmes on Bank audit conducted on 2nd, 5th, 6th & 11th March evoked tremendous response and was well accepted by members.

 In the wake of spread of Covid 19, in view of the advisory from the Government and as per directive received from Head Office, we have suspended all programmes, classes, seminars and any event where there shall be a gathering of people. ICAI firmly believes that safety of members is of Paramount importance and cannot be compromised. Accordingly, all events have been called off till April 15, 2020. However, we are making all out efforts to get the video presentations from speakers and the same shall be telecasted every day from 6 pm to 8 pm. I request members to please watch the lectures and email the questions so that we can request the speakers to respond to same.


I am happy to share with you that Hyderabad branch of SIRC of ICAI has provided for Volunteer Registration at its website in the following activities

 1. Evening Lecture Meetings

2. Coordinator for Conference/ Seminar

3. Sports and Cultural Events

4. Faculty at Seminars

5. Faculty for Foundation

6. Faculty for Intermediate

7. Faculty for Final

 We propose to tap into the passion, in diverse areas, of members who wish to support the various initiatives of the branch for the common good of the profession. Members who are interested in volunteering in the above areas are requested to register themselves at the earliest by visiting the website www.hydicai.org and provide details under Volunteers. This will help us plan the activities ahead of time.


Crash Courses:

 SICASA of Hyderabad Branch has conducted/planned for short-term coaching classes for Final, IPCC & Foundation students to cover the major areas of the respective subjects well before the CA examinations. However, in the interest of health and safety of the students, all classes have been cancelled till 15th April 2020.

 I urge all the members and students to stay strong, take necessary safeguards and contribute their bit in the fight against Covid 19, so that we all can bounce back with greater vigour and achieve all that we had targeted before the spread of the virus.

 Let’s all work towards greater glory of the profession of Chartered Accountancy!



Yours Sincerely,


CA Pankaj Kumar Trivedi