Welcome to Hyderabad Branch of SIRC of ICAI
CA. Pankaj Kumar Trivedi

CA. Pankaj Kumar Trivedi

Chairman Hyderabad ICAI

+91-9246509697 hyderabad@icai.org

My Dear Esteemed Members,

I take great pleasure and honor in informing all the members of Hyderabad Branch of SIRC of ICAI, that my term as Chairman of Hyderabad branch of SIRC of ICAI for the year 2019-2020 has been remarkable.. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding support of the other members of the managing committee, my fellow professional colleagues and staff. The dedication that the entire team has shown in putting together programs is remarkable.  During the last year we have made certain remarkable progress like the state of art ITT LAB and identifying premises for expansion of the Branch at Kukatpally.

Members of Hyderabad branch have given fantastic contribution primarily in making all the programs successful. The learning appetite of the members acts as fire in belly for the Managing committee to conduct programs. We have also taken up the prestigious project of renovating the Hyderabad Branch premises, which is underway now and will be ready with the new face life in a couple of weeks from now.

It is time now to handover the baton to the new officer bearers. With great please I present the new office bearers of Hyderabad Branch of SIRC of ICAI for the year 2020-21


CA Pankaj Kumar Trivedi:- Chairman

CA Machar Rao Meenavalli:- Vice-Chairman

CA Deepak Ladda:- Secretary

CA. Chinna Sitarami Reddy:- Treasurer

CA Rajambal MS:- Chairperson- SICASA

CA Satish Kumar Mylavarapu:- Co-Chairperson SICASA

CA Bhanu Narayan Rao YV:- Managing Committee Member