Welcome to Hyderabad Branch of SIRC of ICAI
CA. Machar Rao Meenavalli

CA. Machar Rao Meenavalli

Chairman Hyderabad ICAI

+91-9848811125 hyderabad@icai.org

Dear Professional Colleagues,

First and foremost, I convey my sincere gratitude to the Members of the Management Committee of Hyderabad Branch, SIRC Members and Central Council Member for elevating me as the Chairman of Hyderabad Branch. Indeed, 18th February, 2021 will always remain a memorable day in my life. I am indeed indebted to all of you, my professional colleagues of Hyderabad Branch, for electing me as a Managing Committee Member of Hyderabad Branch for two consecutive terms and enabling me to rise to the post of Chairman of Hyderabad Branch.

 In my capacity as the Chairman of Hyderabad Branch, it is for the first time that I am reaching out to all of you through this News Letter and I assure you that I shall serve you and the students to the best of my abilities.

 I take this opportunity to congratulate CA Dayaniwas Sharma on getting elected to the Central Council of ICAI. I also congratulate CA Chengal Reddy.R, CA China Masthan Talakayala and CA Naresh Chandra Gelli on their getting elected as members of SIRC of ICAI. I wish them all a very eventful and successful tenure.

 My congratulations to CA. Deepak Ladda for getting elected as the Vice-Chairman, CA. Satish Kumar Mylavarapu on his election as the Secretary and CA . Rajambal MS for getting elected as the Treasurer of Hyderabad Branch respectively. I also congratulate CA. Chinna Sitarami Reddy A Chairman  SICASA respectively. I am proud to say that we are all working as a family and a united, cohesive team and am confident that we shall do our best and live up to the expectations of members and make Hyderabad Branch as the “role model Branch”.

Yours Sincerely,


CA. Machar Rao Meenavalli